What is a Stretch Tent and Other FAQs

  • What is a Stretch Tent?
    A Stretch Tent is a 3ply highly constructed strong stretchable material that allows an area to be covered practically anywhere with stunning outcomes. Originally designed and made in South Africa and to this day still the only place to buy the best tents on the market. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper Chinese version’s your event is important! They are completely waterproof and provide great weather protection. Sides can be pulled to the ground or raised to cope with any condition the british weather will throw at us.  Stretch tents offer a flexible size and shape therefore can be rigged in 100′s of designs to suit your needs, whether its on uneven ground or over a structure, Alternative Stretch Tents will cover it.
  • Why are Stretch Tents generally more expensive then the traditional tents?

    Its all in the name! Stretch Tents are a stretch fabric therefore im afraid have a shorter shelf life than PVC or similar materials. With a higher initial cost they do generally come in more expensive, however look at the results! An event your guests will not forget in a hurry.

  • Can you supply extras?

    Yes we can supply extras including staging / tables / chairs / uplighting / matting / relaxed seating / dancefloors / heating and also smaller items such as outdoor lanterns / rope lights / fairy lights etc. We can supply the whole package if needed. We have also worked closely with other hire companies for past years can recommend what may not be able to provide!

  • What size of Tent do I need?
    Send us and enquiry and we will do our best to accurately advise, the more info you give us the better. e.g. timings / attendance / theme / date / band? dj? bar? dancefloor?


  • What to do if it rains?
    Take cover! Stretch Tents are completely waterproof and of course it will not rain….. if it does we can adapt the tent when installing and bring the sides closer to ground to keep the lovely British weather out!


  • Does the price include set up and breakdown?


  • Can you visit the site prior?

    Yes we can visit the site prior if the client wishes.  Alternatively if the site is particularly tricky we would like to see what we have let ourselves in for!

  • Can you set you set up on hard ground?

    Yes we can rig on hard ground using a number of different options using ground anchors and ballast, please enquire for further details.

  • Do you travel outside Hertfordshire?

    Yes we travel the length of the country, there will be a delivery charge though which we will try our best to keep to a minimum!

  • Can I choose a colour?

    Yes within reason! we have Deep Blue / Tan / Red / Deep Pink all in various sizes. If these do not take your fancy we often re-stock so please get in touch with your favourite colour and we may be able to help!

  • Can you set a permanent installation for us?

    We do not but we would be more than happy to recommend someone that does.

  • Do you do discounts?

    Yes early bird discounts do sometimes apply! please get in touch.

  • How long is the standard hire price for and do you hire for longer?

    Yes we can hire for longer than our standard 1 set day 1 event day 1 breakdown day. Small charges apply on extra days or weeks if you never want the celebration to end!

  • Will it take long for you to set up and what access do you need?

    Set time varies a lot on the size of tent you are hiring and the nature of the rig, we can give a good estimate on timings and always try our best to stay within them. Access for us would only need to be for a LWB van, don’t worry we will not arrive in a large lorry! the closer we can get the van to the rig site the better…. to save our legs a little.